Rich and Diabolik are back from NYC and have put together a little time-lapse tour of the Big Apple Con.

We also have an interview that we just got finished editing.

Unfortunately it was very loud and there was very little time for us to sit down with anyone else and interview them, but that means it was a great success for the Big Apple Con.

Both YouTube videos are below.

Big Apple Con '08 Walkthrough

Big Apple Con '08: Brendan Burke and Fun with Pictures!

The Bacon Ice Cream Crew were at this year's VGXPO. We've got some videos for you, the full walkthrough in two parts, Danae talking with Adrian Sandoval from Island Officals, and Rich playing some Bionic Commando.

You can also get the full version of the walkthrough on iTunes as usuall.

The YouTube videos are below.

VGEXPO 2008: The Walkthrough: Part I!

VGEXPO 2008: The Walkthrough: Part II!

VGEXPO 2008: Danae and Adrian Sandoval from Island Officials!

VGEXPO 2008: Rich Plays Some Bionic Commando!